allergic reaction to many foods: nuts, dairy, whey, wheat/gluten. severe food restrictions!

Posted by Eli Benson on 01/13/13 12:51:03 PM

I am a 20 year old male who has suffered from food reactions for my whole life. as a kid, i was diagnosed as having allergies to many foods and additives. i underwent some natural enzyme treatment, which may have worked for systemic effects, but not overall. i am hypertensive, which i believe is due to food allergies/sensitivities due to the fact that i am otherwise extremely healthy, and suffer from severe cystic type acne after consuming certain foods, namely wheat/gluten products such as whole wheat products and oats (acne around mouth) and dairy products like ice cream, milk, yogurt, whey protein (acne on forehead, nose, back, and shoulders). i am very confused and don\'t know what to do! i would like to be able to eat what i want, in a healthy way of course, without having to worry about this acne and possibly hypertension. are there treatment options out there (natural, preferrably).

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