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Posted by wvcountrygirl0306 on 02/28/07 6:47:51 AM as a reply to
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i would like to be in on any class action against Mirena...I have just returned from the hospital after going in to complain of severe lower abdominal cramping and back pain with vaginal discharge and bleeding..i was told i have cervicitis and possibly an infection, i was given a pap and told to see my gyn today to get results of pap(to find out what kind of infection i may have) and to have the Mirena removed...i was given antibiotics as well that i have to take for the next 14 days...i have suffered many of the same side effects as the other women and never attributed them to the Mirena until now..this company should pay for the pain and suffering that we have all experienced...I also found a website belonging to an attorney in Texas who wants to start a class action lawsuit against Mirena,her contact info is all on her page as hope this helps! I plan to contact her today if I get back from the Dr's office in email is if anyone wants to contact me....It's nice to know that I am not alone and that Im not crazy! LOL

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