Re: Re: topamax and waight loss

Posted by ellieallyn on 02/11/14 12:46:38 PM

topamax is gaining ground as a drug prescribed for weight loss, however weight loss was not it's primary intended use. Topamax is used as a migraine preventative and an anti-epileptic. A decrease in weight- and possibility of anorexia was observed among other side effects such as decreased response to stimuli- like touch (aka hypoesthsia), tingling- paresthesia⦠I've heard it referred to as "stupimax" before- it's been known to cause some mental stupor which can come across as 'ditziness'. (I've observed this effect in a close personal friend- but again the degree to which anyone will experience a side effect varies widely).

I have to agree with the above posting- you may want to simultaneously try giving up wheat known to be an addictive substance which stimulates the opiate receptors of the brain- Yes! unbelievable but true- many individuals are actually chemically addicted to grain productsâ¦even "healthy" whole grains. Also rather than just eliminating the bad, you should consider adding in other protective, antioxidant rich foods- such as leafy greens, veggies high in beta-carotene, peppers, pomegranates etc. Your body will use it's own fat/calorie stores while natural health-promoting foods protect your organs.
good luck with your journey!

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