Tumor Necrosis

Posted by nruehl on 12/19/05 2:49:25 PM

I have stage 3 squamous cell carcinoma, a second occurance cervical cancer. (I had a hysterectomy in Jan 03) Now I have a large necrotized vaginal tumor which bleeds easily. Two weeks ago I bled badly for about 7 days. I have posted about this in many forums, both conventional and alternative and though a few have written and kindly tried to explain tumor necrosis to me they didn't answer any of my questions ABOUT tumor necrosis so I'm as confused as ever.

What I want to know is how dangerous it is to live with a necrotized tumor, because my doctors said it was inoperable. (It's vaginal)

Am I always going to be in danger of hemorrhage and/or infection?
Will it ever heal? It is dead tissue so I would assume not so if not how will I ever really heal from this?

Will it slough off as my treatment kills it? (Protocel)

If it sloughs off will I bleed badly? Could that kill me?

Could the necrosis have been caused by the Essiac I had been drinking for two months prior (or any other treatment) killing the cancer and is otherwise a "good" thing?

Is necrosis ever a "good" thing? That in itself is confusing because in reading things online I'm led to believe it's a sign of healing and also a sign of rapid cancer growth!

Is there any way a doctor would be able to tell which is which?

Thank you for any help.


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