Why We Get Sick & What We Can Do to Heal- A Naturopathic Perspective

Posted by Lulu2323 on 09/26/07 5:05:30 PM

Naturopathy's core idea is that the body innately knows how to heal itself, so the best treatments are the most natural and least invasive methods to help stimulate its own vital force.

In this class naturopathic doctor Peter Bongiorno will explore with us the physical, emotional and spiritual reasons we get sick and the many ways in which we can heal ourselves naturally.

A Weekly Course
Wednesdays (4 Sessions)
October 3-24, 7:45-9:45pm
Members $95/ Nonmembers $105
Individual Sessions: $28
Location: New York Open Center; 83 Spring Street

For additional information or to register please call 212-219-2527 x 2 or visit www.opencenter.org

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