Lung Nodule
Posted by Margie on 06/01/05 at 11:48 AM

I found out that I have a nodule in Oct. 2004, enlarged lymph nodes, After a Pet scan was negative I was told we could wait 3 months and do another CT Scan which was done in April. It indicated an increase in size of the nodule and some little things kind of reaching out from it, spirocetes or spiculates or something like that, and was advised a biopsy was indicated. They elected to be as non-invasive as possible so made small incisions and used scopes, found a cyst which burst upon removal, fluids being benign. Then after being in the hospital over a week due to the partial collapse of the lung and then a blood clot, they repeated the CT scan, told me that the nodule was still there and because of my blood clot they would just wait 3 months then redo the CT. If they have to go back in they will open up my chest. I am pretty scared. They also mentioned the possibility of sarcoidosis. I quit smoking 22 years ago also and am 58 years old, a marathon runner until all of this mess. Would love some input.

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