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  • Pop a Green & Pop a Purple

    Introducing a product for people who want to be sure the supplement they are taking contains the latest, most researched ingredients. How about 25 vegetables, 23 fruits (& berries), potent antioxidants, 11 enzymes and probiotics? Does your supplement have all that?, or call Dave at 518-633-4117. How good do you want to feel?

  • Want to be the healthiest you can be?

    Your answer: JUICE PLUS+ 17 vine ripened raw fruits and vegetables in capsule form without the salt, sugar, and water. Excellent for: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol, and Cancer Preventative. Also a wonderful business opportunity that can include full medical benefits. Call: (909) 799-0655 or [email protected]

  • Dakota Flax Gold

    Essential Nutrient! There’s an easy and healthy way to control your

    cholesterol and much more. Most Americans diets lack Omega-3 fatty acid.

    This essential nutrient is found in Dakota Flax Gold. For only pennies a

    day you can include this in your diet. A four month supply with a flax

    processor only $45.00. Send to [email protected]

  • 30-70% off Brand Names Vitamins

    DFH Supplements offers Alacer, KAL, Natrol, Twinlab and more at

    incredible savings. Free catalogue. 1-800-847-8302

  • Allergy and Hay-Fever

    Chinese herbal formula that decreases allergy and hay-fever

    symptoms. Please e-mail

    [email protected] for more information.

  • Vitamin Direct

    Free catalog. Superior quality Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs.

    Excipient free. Capsule form for fast assimilation. Low prices,

    prompt service. 1-800-468-4027

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  • Hair Analysis

    Conditions which may be caused or aggravated by a mineral imbalance include Depression, Hypoglycemia, Hyperactivity, Headaches, Arthritis, Hypertension, and many others. HAIR ANALYSIS CAN DETERMINE MINERAL IMBALANCES! For further information call 1-800-876-3813, or send e-mail.

  • Biorhythm

    Physical, emotional, intellectual, intuitional cycles,

    interpretation and compatibility charts available. Take charge of

    your own life. Send SASE for free information. SSM-2, Box 1602,

    Oakdale, CA 95361

  • At The Gate

    Connects singles interested in new age philosophies, spirituality,

    ecology, personal growth. Free detail: Box 09506-NH, Columbus, OH


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For Sale

  • WENDEL-BIOLIGHT-SYSTEM – Beyond Full Spectrum Lighting

    The WENDEL-BIOLIGHT-SYSTEM is a patented light system product that reproduces the basic qualities of natural sunlight. Natural sunlight is essential to our body’s growth and controls the circadian rhythm, our body clock, activates the pineal gland for production of melatonin, increases our body metabolism, and creates an overall sense of well being. Call SunLife Systems Inc. at 1-888-333-7222, fax us at 1-800-716-2954, or email to [email protected] for your free information booklet. DISTRIBUTORS NEEDED.

  • Health-Alternative Medicine

    HOT OIL THERAPY for sensitive/irritable, dry/tired skin.

    Emu Oil: Penetrating, Soothing, Pure, Natural. Does not

    harbor bacteria and will not clog pores. Natural analgesic.

    Hypo-allergenic. Allows the body to heal quickly.

    For Sample send $3.00 to Koala Coast-NMN,

    PO Box 132, Vernonia, OR 97064.

    E-mail [email protected].

  • Grow Your Gourmet Mushroom Kits

    Shiitake, Oyster, Morels, Garden Giants, Children’s Gardens and

    much more. Free color brochure. 80 page catalogue. FUNGI PERFECTI.

    (800)780-9126. Fax: (360)426-9377. Visa/MC.

  • 100% Cotton Menstrual Pads

    From thick to thin, we have the pad for you. 4 sizes to fit your

    personal needs. Designed with flaps that snap around panties for

    secure, comfortable fit. Easy wash and dry. Make it a natural

    choice for you and Mother Earth. For free brochure call 1-800-879-


  • The TurboShower Filters

    Remove chlorine and heavy metals. 100% rechargeable – never throw

    it away. Wholesale prices. Dealerships available. 1-800-873-4321

  • Drink Clean Safe Water

    Redox/Solid carbon block water filters. FREE GUIDE: know what to

    ask before you bye a filter. Price comparison. Factory direct –

    save 40%. Lakota Scientific, Inc. 1-800-945-5782

  • Full Spectrum Lighting

    VERILUX. 1-800-786-6850

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Business Opportunities

  • Home-Based/Internet Marketing/Natural Supplements

    Do you have a passion to help others? Do you believe in better health through intelligent nutrition? Take a risk-free look…we’re backed by 21 years experience with the highest compensation plan in the industry by 32%! Get Free E-book. I will personally work with you. Email me at [email protected], or visit our web site at

  • Doctors’ Endorsed Internet Business Opportunity

    We are a team of physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and other health care providers with entrepreneur spirits. We have launched a unique and exciting home-based, health-based Internet project. Our focus is on nutrition and the pursuit of optimal health. We offer free training and support for qualified leaders. If qualified contact: [email protected], or visit our web site at

  • The Most Exciting Product Since PYCNOGENOL

    The next generation in OPC Anti-Oxidants. Premium Japanese grape

    seed extract with green tea extract. Soy-based. For additional

    information call the toll free conference line at 1-800-723-4990

    SUN,MON,WED,THUR, 9pm-11pm EST then email me at [email protected].

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Employment and Practice Opportunities

  • Great Practice Opportunity!

    Due to maternity leave I am looking for a Naturopath to share Naturopathic office in Hillsboro, Oregon. Office is located in a very busy and growing area. With questions and/or for interview please call Dr. Victoria Lutskovsky at (503) 844-6667, or e-mail [email protected].

  • Independent Representatives Wanted

    Independent Reps wanted for pharmaceutical grade herbal formula based on Ayurvedic traditions. The professional line will call on pharmacies,

    practitioners and doctors. Responsibilities will include: product training, support, trade shows and sales. Leads, marketing and training material

    are provided. Perfect part time or add-on line for current reps. Contact: 1-877-548-5248 or

    [email protected].

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Employment and Practice Opportunities

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