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A few thoughts

Posted by Rusty on 02/21/09 3:57:50 PM as a reply to
Is it worth becoming an N.D. financially?

Don’t take the easy way out. Naturopathic school is easy to get into, but it is not your only option. Try to get a solid health degree first. Later on, you can study natural medicine. There hundreds of great seminars, books, and programs you can train once you have another medical degree in. Naturopathic medicine is not the only avenue of studying natural medicine.

You need to go to www.studentdoctor.net

Look at all your options and read the forums there. There are many options: MD, osteopath, nurse, nurse practicioner, PA, pharmacist, Caribbean medical school, PT school, etc.

Read about these programs. Also consider a post-bac program to get your GPA and stats more competitive for a professional program. You still have options, don’t get too discouraged.

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