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Posted by Bryn on 09/17/06 11:30:31 PM as a reply to
Bartholin’s cyst

Having had three bartholin cyst issues and resolving them at home, here is my sound advice. (1) Understand what a SIDS bath is. LUKE WARM (not hot or close to hot water) just above the thighs WITHOUT EPSON salt or any other soapy liquid. The idea is to clean and loosen while maitaining a certain amount of gravity sitting in the tub. 15 minutes 3/4 times a day (two of which I recommend LIGHTLY massaging the gland back to front in an effort to “milk” the duct). Also SIDS each time after you pee for a few minutes. The salt from the urine and your vaginal dryness can cause friction inside that will HURT otherwise. Believe me, I know. KY after each bath.

If you haven’t gone to the bathroom, now is the time to do it, because it can be very painful when the gland gets bigger. 2tsp on Milk of Magnesia will do the trick. After that, keep a reasonably lite and healthy diet.

Until you get to the doc, two Advil works very well to eliminate the pain. This part is important if you encounter inflamation… Create a reasonably cool ice pack, NOT ICE COLD. This works great and will not cause the gland to react from a hot extreme to a very cold extreme. What I do is fill and ice pack, then place it in a plastic bag filled with cool water, then place that bag into another plastic bag to ensure that no water leaks. I know, seems like a lot of trouble, but this will manage the temp for hours. Place this at the lower part of the vaginal opening only. You will find that it seems to relieve everything. My gyno also told me that I could use KY to moisten the area with a bartholin cyst.

When you see the gyno, he/she should take a blood test for white blood cell count to ensure that if it is infected that it hasn’t gone into your blood stream and take a culture of any secretion to see what is causing the problem (STD or natural bacteria). It is wise for the gyno to put you on a mild antibiotic for a few days and pain killer because the glad can grow very fast. I used 2 advil and 1/2 pain killer every three hours and was very comfortable.

Keep your hands clean at all times.

A note about antibiotics. I became ill while taking certain antibiotics (nausia) and lost my appetite. Good idea to have string cheese, jello and some berries on hand with 7up.

Barthlin Cysts are so uncomfortable and if this helps someone at home feel better and resolve their issue from home, then it was worth going through it for me.

Be well.


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