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Is it worth becoming an N.D. financially?

Posted by Alexander on 02/20/09 4:08:49 PM

I’m kind of depressed now that I’ve been browsing over this forum, but always want the truth.

Being an N.D. is my dream, I have about a 3.0 and some good extracurricular activities, and everyone tells me i’ll be a great doctor of some form.

If I had the 3.5+ GPA I would become an M.D. first, but I don’t. I love the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, but would take the rigorous MD training.

Now I’m a bit at a loss. It seemed like the perfect match. I LOVE the human body – medicine in any form is totally a lifetime interest of mine. I would LOVE to do research (on plants) to determine their actual effectiveness.

BUT – I want to be able to do what I love, while be able to support my future wife and kids. I was hoping i’d be able to make a 6 figure salary after a handful of years as an N.D.

I don’t know where to go now.. any other career options? Pharmacy? Masters or PhD in something?

Lost.. and I’m in my last semester as a senior in college. Damnit.

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