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Posted by umhello! on 04/02/08 4:08:53 PM as a reply to
Mirena problems in my head?

ok… I had mine put in on March 4th and the da%& thing is being taken out tomorrow. I can’t handle the constant bleeding, the cramps (that don’t subside w/ prescription pain meds), the lower back pain, and the off & on nausea. My dr told me that there are some women that just can’t handle it and their body tries so hard to get rid of it. He is encouraging me to get it taken out. Why a doctor would want you to be miserable is beyond me! I guess I am blessed w/ my wonderful doc. I wish you the best. I will tell you this… go to other forums and read all the horror stories about mirena. It is freakin’ scary. some women are having to have hysterectomies because of this stupid IUD. In the short time that I have had mine, I have developed a cyst on my right ovary. I am highly disappointed in this product.

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