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Posted by the root on 01/15/06 7:46:08 PM as a reply to
NCNM vs. Bastyr

I just got back from visiting NCNM for their MSOM program. I’m having a difficult time finding successful practitioners- people who have no shame in talking about what they earn- because, lets face it, the majority of prctitioners, ND and LAC are running a business. Everyone at the school seemed rosy and confident that they would be able to make a decent living, which I value to be around 50,000 net. I heard the teachers there are “no joke” and nobody had a complaint. Portland is a fantastic city.

I have found a site sponsored by ANMA that has student surveys and critique of NCNM’s accreditation. You’ll find the site if you google the two words together. Lots of negativity. I’d appreciate comments from acupuncturists in general and graduates from NCNM. peace

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