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Re: NCNM vs. Bastyr

Posted by student on 07/17/05 12:01:12 AM as a reply to
NCNM vs. Bastyr

I have the unique perspective of having gone to both colleges. I went to Bastyr for a total of 4.5 years and unfortunately my dreams were crushed there. I think most people who want to be Naturopaths are a particularly intelligent, creative, and spirited group of people. These qualities are truly fostered at NCNM while they are oppressed at Bastyr. I think one of these days Bastyr may turn back in the direction it was meant to go in when it began but at the moment its full throtle ahead, defeated lives be damned, and many people have sufferred there unnecessarily. At NCNM I learned more about true Naturopathy in 1 quarter than I did in 4 years at Bastyr and unbelievable happiness besides!

That’s my humble opinion.

But the most important thing you can do to help make your decision is to go to the schools during the academic year and speak to as many students as you can, you will hear this story over and over again.

Good luck!

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