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Posted by Bastyr sucks on 07/20/06 2:02:48 AM as a reply to
NCNM vs. Bastyr

I would avoid Bastyr like the plague! This institution sells itself on the lovely surroundings it offers, and their pride in being “the best”. The best at what I ask?

The administration is surely the best at being unprofessional and uncaring about their students…especially the ND Department…good ole Gannady Raskin and his group.

The school has a few good teachers that certainly deserve to be elsewhere and get paid MUCH more, the remaining positions are filled with anyone willing to make a little extra cash on the side; such as the student who graduated the year before that was “teaching” me…don’t you have to have some kind of real-world expreience prior to teaching a medical school course? Not at Bastyr!!!

Hopefully they changed the Physical?Clinical Diagnosis Course…because this was taught by a Homeopath (M. Ivons) that has absolutely NO clue of this subject she was supposed to be teaching. Perhaps the school could afford to put in a teacher that can actually teach Clinical Diagnosis from a medical perspective, not a homepathic perspective.

I fell for Bastyr’s sales pitch, and boy am I sorry. Go ANYWHERE ELSE EXCEPT THIS LOST SCHOOL.

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