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Re: NCNM vs. Bastyr

Posted by Finishing 1st year student on 09/06/05 10:18:13 AM as a reply to
NCNM vs. Bastyr

You are very intelligent to be asking questions before commiting to either school. I think the best resource for you to seek out is the survey filled out last year by 300 or so ND students at Bastyr. The statistical analysis is somewhere in our library’s computer system…you can only access it if you are on campus unless someone sends it to you. You may find it difficult to find but I promise that it is there somewhere. It is the information that the admissions office probably won’t tell you about.

My experience:


1. Excellent science foundation.

2. Many opportunities to learn non-science based naturopathic theory/techniques.

3. Bastyr is the most amazing hub for talented people. The community here is very supportive

4. Listen to me when I say this: The curriculum is very challenging for 99% of the students here. It was the challenge I have been looking for all my life.


1. There are too many unhappy people here.

2. The curriculum is all time consuming. Be willing to eat, drink and be Bastyr at all levels.

3. Much of the curriculum is inefficiently taught, which will become very frustrating when you realize how much you have to learn.

4. Be willing to have next to no social life.

Good luck making your decision. I’m glad I’m here.

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