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Re: RE: Paraguard (Copper IUD) – Hair Loss

Posted by elaine on 02/20/07 5:12:28 PM as a reply to
RE: Paraguard (Copper IUD) – Hair Loss

Hi Everyone!

I had the iud (copper) around 2 years ago, probably the last year I really experienced alot of hair loss and everyone thought it was all in my mind but so I started looking up stuff about copper on the internet and sure enough to much copper in your system can cause hair loss. So I had it removed about 3 weeks ago went to the health food store and told the them about it got on some zinc supplements and I seem to be fine. The health food store lady said I would start to notice a difference in 3 months. I would not recommend the copper iud or any of the hormonal bc for anyone I think they mess up your system to much. Also the doctor said she never heard of that happening. Do you think she put that info in my records? I don’t think so!

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