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Posted by bj on 10/09/07 7:45:24 PM as a reply to
RE: Paraguard (Copper IUD) – Hair Loss

I have had this in for about 2 years now. Not only hair loss, but severe constipation, severe cramps, and bleeding, swollen joints, rashes that swell during that time of the month on my fingers (unexplained), severe mood swings, near panic attacks, very aggressive behavior, adult acne, tired all the time, easily bruise, heal slowly, depression–is that enough. My chiropractor suggested to me that it could be copper toxicity caused by the blamed thing, but I have yet to get it removed, or be tested for toxicity. I can’t find anyone to test me. Doctors won’t touch me. Let me know if anyone can help, or give me advice. I would love to get healthy again. I am only 31 and have three kids, but feel awful all the time. My email, if anyone wants to directly write me is [email protected]

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