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Posted by Karen on 06/03/08 10:47:20 PM as a reply to
RE: Paraguard (Copper IUD) – Hair Loss

It is normal for more hair to start falling about 3-4 months after giving birth. This happened with after the birth of my first child. After the second, I had paraguard inserted right away. The hair loss at the 3-4 month timeframe is much much much more this time around. To the point I have bold spots on my temples. Blood work is perfect. Dr cannot explain it. Don’t know if it is related to paraguard. I had it removed 3 weeks ago due to other reasons. It is now about 6 months after baby. Hair loss continues. If it is just due to pg hormonal changes, it should go back to normal in the next 6 months.

Hope this helps anyone looking for similar stories.

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