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Re: RE: Paraguard (Copper IUD) – Hair Loss

Posted by Sandy on 12/22/08 4:12:07 PM as a reply to
RE: Paraguard (Copper IUD) – Hair Loss

I, too, have a ParaGuard IUD. I had mine inserted in 2004. My doctor and I talked extensively about birth control options. I didn’t want anything hormone related. For about the first 12 months my cycle was longer and heavier. That was the only difference I experienced. For the last few years my cycles have diminished and are very regular. I also have not had any infections NOR hair loss. Other than natural thinning as I am in my 40’s now.

However… I am monogomous and very METICULOUS about hygiene. I also drink TONS of water and do NOT drink carbonated drinks EVER. As for getting infections from your IUD ensure your partner or hygiene are NOT contributing factors. As for hair loss – if your blood levels test normal then ensure your diet supports healthy skin/hair growth. There are many variables that can complicate ANY medical decision you make.

I have never had a child so I am unsure if these things could be caused by post pregnancy hormones as well.

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