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Re: PMS? fever, aches, flu-like symptoms

Posted by Casey on 03/24/08 11:35:53 PM as a reply to
PMS? fever, aches, flu-like symptoms

I’ve noticed a trend as well over the past several months. A few days before my period starts each month I become very weak, and extremely tired. I have fever, especially when i sleep, aches, pains, chills and cough, sore throat, runny nose, etc. I went to see my gynocologist today and he said i have a very severe case of pms. He told me to take water pills before my period and he prescribed seasonique birth control (i had a tubal 5 years ago, and haven’t taken birth control since). With seasonique I will have a period once every 3 months and that will take care of the “severe pms” that i have once a month now. Hopefully this will work. I’ll keep all of you posted and let you know if things are better in a few months when i have my period. Good luck to all of you.

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