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Re: PMS? fever, aches, flu-like symptoms

Posted by Tina on 05/29/08 9:29:12 PM as a reply to
PMS? fever, aches, flu-like symptoms

Glad to see I’m not the only one with these symptoms. Ever since I was in college, I would get a horrible sore throat, sinus pressure and headache, horrible sneezing, fever and severe aches and pains. It was so obvious, my college friends would say “it must be that time of the month because Tina has another cold.” I went to see several doctors, including an ear nose and throat doctor. They all gave me some stupid diagnosis saying that when my uterus gets congested, so does my nose and sinuses. I was also told that I was allergic to my own hormones. So, for years, I suffered. After the birth of my kids, the symptoms subsided. But, now that I am approaching menopause, the symptoms have come back with a vengance. It seems as if the heavier and longer my periods are, the more severe my pms symptoms are. I have also been diagnosed with adenomyosis – they say probably because of my 2 c sections. HELP! I’m tired of pms symptoms!!! Anyone else please share!

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