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Re: PMS? fever, aches, flu-like symptoms

Posted by Mary on 10/16/08 3:39:12 PM as a reply to
PMS? fever, aches, flu-like symptoms

I’m 16. Usually two days before i get my period i have a fever and feel like everythings the same temperature, i shiver like mad, and nothing can make me warm. once, it was so bad, i was wearing socks, fleece p.js, a hoodie, a thin fleecethrow, two sleeping bags, and i had someone next to me trying to keep me warm. they said my fingers and toes were freezing but my head was burning up( i couldnt feel tmperature, so..) They come in waves of shaking and then i get muscle twitches. then after an hour of that, i gt REALLY HOT suddenly, and take all that off. then the next day i feel sore and weak and achy, the night before i get it i get pissed off at everything and the day after i get it, anything can make me cry, like a math question’ll do it.

us girls is wierd

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