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Re: PMS? fever, aches, flu-like symptoms

Posted by Polly on 01/22/09 4:09:48 PM as a reply to
PMS? fever, aches, flu-like symptoms

Wow. I thought I was preggers or something, because I’ve never had a fever/chills and lower back pain this severe before! I’m only 19, and I started to get a fever and night sweats with horrendous lower back pains–so much that i started to cry–2 days before my period, and I suspected it was some sort of severe PMS…and it seems like it is, after reading all of these replies. I’m not on birth control pills, but I’m thinking about starting soon. I will try taking multivitamins too, should I be taking them everyday or only when I’m PMS’ing? I’m so relieved I’m not alone.

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