Place a Classified Ad – Naturopathic Medicine Network


Naturopathic Medicine Network accepts a limited number of classified ads, which have to be written in a decent and professional manner. We reserve the right to reject any ad if we think it does not meet the above criteria.

There is a small monthly fee of just $5 ($50 if paid annually) which includes:

  • Up to 50-word ad
  • Two hyperlinks to your e-mail or home page, etc.

For an additional fee of $5 a month you can setup a regular text file

(up to one page), which viewers of your ad can download from our

server. Excellent for order forms, information sheets. etc.

Please submit your ad by E-Mail. Do not forget to include:

  • Classified index under which you would like your ad to be placed

  • Text of your ad

  • Your e-mail address

  • URL you would like to create a link to (if any)

  • Credit card number and expiration date (VISA/MC/DISCOVER)

  • Number of months you would like to run your ad