Re: Re: Post-mono illness

Saturday, Dec 11, 2004

Re: Re: Post-mono illness

Posted by Erin on 06/22/04 at 07:41 AM

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Dear Chris:

Right now I am dealing with the same exact thing. How many doctors have you gone to? Every one seems to think im a head case. I have been un able to work, physically, and mentally, I lost my job…my memory is terrible, i have a slow reaction time to everything, Its almost that I wake up feeling hung over and groggy and the feeling never subsides throughout the day. Near the end if i am still awake, i run off of fumes. My memory is the worst at that time, and i cant process things. My breathing too seems off.

My advice, if it hasnt already been suggested, is to try going on a candida diet. I have been on it for a good month and a half. Its seems to have gotten me past the preliminary mono symptoms. Of course it would help too if you were to get tested specifically for it, but from my experience most doctors in North america wont even acknowledge that it exists. That or there can be no possibility an otherwise healthy person can aquire candida without already having an immune difficiency.

Im sure that there are many different things that could have thrown your body of whack while you were sick, so, perhaps you might want to try contacting a lab where you can test yourself at home (for parasites, yeast overgrowth, etc.) Sometimes apparently your body has difficulty on its own to detoxify, so there are teas, pills, and protein powders to help aid you.

Please tell me if you have any success with anything.

hang in there, i understand the hell that you are going through.



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