Re: Ganglian cyst

Re: Ganglian cyst

Posted by Frank Mendoza on 12/17/02 at 09:54 PM

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I too have had several of these cysts on the inner side of my wrist. 20 years ago I went to a Dr. who told me he could charge me $75 to drain it or I could go home, pick up the handset to the phone and whack the heck out of it for free. THIS REALLY WORKS! and it doesn’t hurt one bit. You simply put your wrist on a solid table and whack it with all you’ve got with a phone handset. The cyst cushions the blow and bursts and then simply disappears. Take good aim because if you miss the cyst and hit your wrist it will smart like heck. Hit it real hard and solid.

I’ve given this advice to many people and it has ALWAY worked. I’ve done it to myself at least a half a dozen times and I’ve been cyst free for about 3 years.

Hope this works for you.

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