Re: Ganglian cyst

Re: Ganglian cyst

Posted by fionnuala on 03/04/03 at 11:26 AM

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Please offer me some advice. I have what I think is a ganglian syst on the knuckle of my right thumb. I got in jured in a field sport 6 years ago and it has been growing since. i have had it removed under local anaesthetic twice by a surgeon. This has not helped. Could anyone post a photo of a ganglian cyst please? i AM TEMPTED TO BANG IT WITH A BOOK AS MANY HERE HAVE ADVISED BUT IT IS ON TEH KNUCKLE AND it may be more risky than banging a wrist!!! I hate my right hand appearance, I am embarrassed by my hand, I have learned to do many things with my left hand whilst trying to hide my right thumb from teh public eye. I cover it with band aid but to be honest it is getting so big I think it looks like a balloon!

Any advice please? I am desperate to get rid of it.


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