Re: Ganglian cyst

Re: Ganglian cyst

Posted by Letty on 01/09/04 at 04:13 PM

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I developed a ganglian cyst about 4 years ago. I knew I had a bump on the top of my left wrist over night it seemed but did not worry about it until it started to hurt and grow. I visited my orthopedic surgeon and he drained it. I was so thankful because it stopped hurting and it was gone completely. The happiness did not last long though because two years later it came back and it came back stronger. I am 25-years old and I am pregnant, I visited my doctor and it seems like the liquid is getting ticker and it is harder to drain now. Since I can’t have surgery at least for now, I have to deal with the pain that now extends through my lower arm all the way to my elbow.

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