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Re: Re: Ganglian cyst

Posted by Sue on 06/23/04 at 08:57 AM

Sharon, can’t tell you anything about surg but I can tell you years ago my husband had one on the top side of his hand-it was very painfull because it was so large it would move the vain over. His doc took a rubber hammer and hit it to break it. The fluid inside is very very thick and it would take a couple of days before it would go down. Then it came back a couple of more times-each time he broke it the walls thinned and eventually it never came back. I have one on the inner wrist that I have broken. The first time I planned the break, the second time I accidently hit it on my desk and it broke. This was about 2 wks ago, I just noticed its coming back. I am going to let it get bigger than last time before I break it-this will cause the walls to thin-therefore eventually it should not return. Good Luck