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Re: Re: Ganglian cyst

Posted by Terry on 06/26/04 at 07:50 PM

I was diagnosed with a ganglian on my left wrist in 1998. The orthopedic doctor advised me to drain because it was becoming painful. I agreed and found it to be an excruciating pain that I did not want to go through again. Within three months it returned. I dealt with it until it became too painful in December 2002. I then seen another doctor and was advised to take it out. Surgery was on a in/out basis. They gave me an anasteshia (sp?) that knocked me out for about 30 minutes. I then went home. My hand felt so much better. I was then mobilized in the Reserves in January 2003. I load trains. During this time, it came back (about 3 months). One day I fell off the train and after a few days, I realized it was gone and did not hurt. Unfortunately, it returned again in September 2003 and as of today I have been in excruciating pain off and on. Surgery was not that bad, but I have since learned that it usually comes back.