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Wednesday, Mar 09, 2005

Re: Re: ovarian cyst

Posted by gina on 12/12/02 at 04:51 PM

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I would suggest you see your gynecologist and follow up with your regular MD until you get to the bottom of it. Hopefully itis nothing serious…I had a similiar pain after being on antibiotics for a possible tooth infection. I ended up in the ER with serious pain similiar toyours….they thought it was a ruptured ovarian cyst, since i have ahistory of ovarian cysts.(CORPUS LUTEUM)….but the problemoccured when i developed ileus…where the intestines slow down.I was told by the Er md that normally this happens when there is fluid in the pelvic cavity as a result of the irritation…it resolves, but they thought i had a serious abdominal infection and put me in the hospital on several strong IV antibiotics…which we all know cause severe diarrhea!!!!! oi vey!!!! all backed up and nothin doing! Anyhow, no one knows to this day if i trulyruptured a cyst, but my gyn thinks it was colitis while the GI doctor thinks it was all those dang antibiotics they gave me for all that pain and bloating from the cyst… which mimicked peritonitis. I stillhave the ovarian but now that i am off the drugs, all i have to deal with is the GI upset from all the drugs!The main thing,Marlen that no matter howmany crazy storiesd you hear, you only have one body….one life….and pain is a signaltoseek professional help.


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