Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004


Posted by Dan Chambers on 12/12/02 at 06:48 PM

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After years of control, I moved back to my parents’ house after graduation and the cat I’d known all my life started to make me itch! Even after I moved out it kept on, and a series of grotty and damp flats in London didn’t help matters. I tried avoiding wheat for a while which seemed to help. But the disadvantage of avoiding common foods is expense. It seems that people with food allergies have to be much more organised and rigorous than people without, a fact I am still coming to terms with! I went to see a kinesiologist, who gave me lots of advice. I’m not sure that the kinesiology did anything to help, but I did start taking antihistamines and using an ointment which brought it more under control, although eating the wrong type of food or doing vigorous exercise still caused a flare-up. Everybody has their own recommendations – chinese herbalists, avoiding tomatoes, drinking lots of water. But a good supplement to these is discipline. There’s nothing like the stress of things getting out-of-control to make the itching worse. And always remember, you’re not alone!


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