Re: BAD EXCEMA – the best method

Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004

Re: BAD EXCEMA – the best method

Posted by Todd Whitaker-Sheppard on 11/21/04 at 10:14 AM

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Hello, i am 16 and have had extremely horrible eczema for 3 years. i was becomming depressed as everywhere i looked people would stare at me. i had it on my neck, back, arms, inner knees, face, and lips. my skin was cracked and covered in weeping scabs that i couldnt help scracthing. it itched so bad i would scratch at night during my sleep and would wake up crying from huge raw pacthes on my arms. i thought of suicude, the pain was unbearable. then i decided to try something new, none of the other creams, pills, or treatments were effective. i wen through 4 doctors until one mentioned light therapy. light therapy is simple. you undress ( no one can see u dont worry), put mineral oil over the dry parts, and then go into a large sun-tanning like booth. i went to light treatment for 3 months, and my treatment started at 30 second treatments every other day to 4 minute treatments 2 days a week. i was completely devoid of any marks whatsoever. i was so happy and it was simple (the time it took to drive there also helped me earn merits for my drivers liscense lol)the excema comes back every winter, though not nearly as bad, just a few dry pacthes that i apply triamcinilone ointment to twice daily until it clears up again. the only negative side effects or light treatment is the occasional sun burn and a nice bronze tan! since i am black the melanin in my skin kept me from burning, although soem white peaple i saw there did get burned, but they supply sunscreen for u so if u get burned whose fault is that? anyways light treatment practically saved my life. as most of you know eczema is the worst torture imagineable, and i hope this can help you. if you have questions e-mail me at [email protected].


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