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Posted by F on 10/27/04 at 02:09 AM

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Hi there,

I know how you feel belive me and I only got it 4 months ago and it was very bad on my hannds, face, kneck and scalp…it is gone now except for only a tiny bit of flakeness on my scalp and you would not even notice it …I tell you what I did I went to the hospital to see if i was alergic to anything and I am not so mine was releated to the Asthma that I have so it was all internal..I used the creams given to me by the docters and it just kept coming back so I decided to go to the health shop…I got these tablets B6 which are great for your skin and hair and also Flax oil you get put about 2 or 3 teaspoons into a smoothie and you would not even taste it also I have changed all my soaps and showergel from Dove to Emuluve Irish product and there is noting in it I have also changed my diet I do not eat any diary and more but I am going to introduce it back into my diet very slowley like you can cut out things but introduce them back in again and then out again…Do you know what is really good sunflower oil seeds and pumpkin seeds they are great for your skin and hair condition they give you copper and zinc…but definatley go to the helath shop and they would give you things to take like I also cut out suger, salt and yeast …just keep reading the back of the products that you are buying…hope this helps you as it has helped me and i dont have it any more but I am still sticking to what I am doing as I dont want it to come back as I was very down with it so I can just imagine how you feel…

hope it works for you….

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