Tuesday, Mar 01, 2005


Posted by david on 02/12/05 at 04:08 PM

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45 yrs old always had bad excema. what i couldnt get across to people when i was younger was how itchy it was, and i mean, ITCHY. mum used to put cotton mittens on me at night but i just used to wait till the morning to scratch, and how lovely it was. my nails were kept short to make less harm, so i would scratch with a hair brush or a comb, anything to get at that itch. my face is bad at the moment, until the warmer weather comes, but the rest of me is under control. have been able to wear shorts and t shirts only in the last few years, people laugh when they see me showing off my legs on a nippy day, but before that i had kept them hidden for forty years !

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