Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004


Posted by Dave on 05/06/03 at 09:15 AM

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To keep my excema at bay (that is, so that I don’t look like a complete burn victim), I have done the following:

–Washing my sheets, socks, and underwear in hot water

–Changing my bed sheets every week

–Moisturizing my skin right after the shower with an unscented moisturizing cream

–Using Dove for Sensitive Skin

Still, this doesn’t seem to keep it off my hands or feet (where it seems impossible to get rid of). For light to medium patches, Elocon cream works really well.

I have also found that Prednisone works very well, though the excema can come back, and too much Prednisone can be bad for your liver, so I’ve heard.

Sarah, what is it about coffee, tea, and alcohol that make the excema worse? Please post and email me.

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Re: coffee/tea/alcohol
Marty 1 07/16/03 09:54 AM

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