your suggestions requested

Thursday, Dec 23, 2004

your suggestions requested

Posted by j.felix paul on 06/19/04 at 02:39 AM

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I have some thing more to highlight about my son.

He suffers from eczema since he was 3 months old, today he is 2 years 3

months old , it has increased over the time . I have shown him many good

dermatologists in chennai like Dr.muralidhar rajgopal at Apollo

hospital, Dr. Thampiah Senior Dermatologist and many others.Now iam showing

him to Dr. K.V.Swamy (Homoeo), he is a very senior person, he has a

clinic at T Nagar for more than 43 years now.

I have started giving him homoeo when he was one year old, this went on

for around 8 months continously , i had to give him english medicines

in between sometimes whenever he had fever, cold, cough e.t.c; and then

finally i had to abruptly stop homoeo after 8 months and start english

medicines totally since i found no improvement in him.

Again i took him back to homoeo after 3 months because i saw his

conditions becoming even worse…now continuing with the same since then.

Of late he suffers from wheezing, after discussing with you i had taken

him to a hospital, he was hospitalised he was better after two days

treatment, they had suggested to nebulise him twice or thrice a day , he

felt better only for sometime after this .

I have started giving him homoeo since 3 days for wheezing only he was

doing good till yesterday ,today after stopping it (as per the

doctor’s suggestion) he shows symptoms of getting it again.I really feel


What am i supposed to do now??

He keeps scratching all the time now, i find it more on his legs, hands

and face.

We are really worried .Will my son get out of this suffering?

Please suggest

Kind regards

J.Felix paul





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