Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004


Posted by Stephanie on 06/27/04 at 08:18 PM

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I am very interested in learning what causes excema and was very suprized when you said it’s not a fungus. Mine started a couple of years ago from a reaction to an at home massage where someone had a cat. It worsened because it was winter time, I worked in a cafe and constantly washed my hands. I eventually went to the dermatologist, got some sort of cream that worked but i knew that it would just supress whatever the problem was. Now that I’m back in the service industry washing my hands often, it’s starting to come back and I want to get to the bottom of this. I believe that a lot of physical healing comes from cleansing so i’d like to figure out what my body is reacting to-or why it’s reacting.

I noticed that you said that antibodies go to where we injure ourselves by scratching-does that mean that if we never scratc hed it would never spread or grow? but that still leave the crazy itching . . . I would love to hear any info you have about the why on excema.

Thanks so much! Steph

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