Re: just around my eyes

Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004

Re: just around my eyes

Posted by Jess on 07/01/04 at 08:40 PM

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I also have excema on my eyelids (both top and bottom)and have had it around my mouth. I am 25 and had it all my life. It used to get bad just in winter, when the weather was dry. But, this year I have had it in spring and summer. I also got it on my face for the first time. My suggestion is to take 2,000mg of Evening Primrose Oil supplements, 2,000 mg of Flax Oil supplements, Vitamin C, and a multi-vitamin everyday. Also, use Cetaphil lotion on your eyelids to mosturize. Another suggestion: avoid milk. I noticed my excema flared up really bad after having milk. Use All Clear detergent to wash clothes, bedding, etc. Drink tons of water and use Hydrocorisone cream to stop the itching. Good luck!


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