Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004


Posted by Valerie on 08/21/03 at 05:02 PM

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Samantha, excema is your skins way of telling you that your immune system is weak and that you need to build it back up so that you can fight off harmful toxins. You need to start eating and drinking healthier to build your immune system (your body’s fighter against harmful disease) back up. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. Substitute sodas with 100 percent fruit juices and decrease the amount of chips (or junk food) that you may eat because of their high sodium content. Salt absorbs your skin’s moisture, which makes it dry and depletes your skins moisture barrier (the protecter against harmful irritants), making you suffer an excema breakout.

My nieces were also born with excema. The oldest is 4 years old and has been free of excema for a majority of those four years, because we built her immune system up to fight off the disease and we used a natural lotion that didn’t suppress her immune system and eat away at her skin’s epidermis like steroid creams and medications do. Have your parents purchase Burt’s Bees Buttermilk Lotion for sensitive skin of all ages. It’s a natural lotion that healed my middle nieces severe excema breakout (total body) in two weeks. She is now two years old and still free of excema. We still use the lotion on a daily basis, because it is important to keep the skin moisturized. It is also important for you and your parents to know that products which contain steroids in them, suppress your immune system and eat away at your skin’s epidermis. You do not have to suffer with this any longer. You can have your parents purchase Burt’s Bees Buttermilk Lotion at ‘Whole Foods’ grocery store for about $9.00 or they can visit Burt’s Bees website and purchase the products from the internet. Please have your parents look at this message that I posted to you and also have them take a look at the message that I posted on the fourth of July, where I outlined my research on the disease to help people heal the skin; instead of just temporarily relieving the symptoms.

Remember that my nieces were born with excema too, and the only way that anybody would know they suffered with it is that we tell them. They have the most beautiful skin and you can too. Let me know if you and your parents got this message.

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