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Posted by Valerie on 09/03/03 at 09:16 AM

Although you said my name, I know that your message is for Samantha. My family has actually found healing from excema. I wrote Samantha to let her know that healing is a very real possibility and the suffering doesn’t have to continue. This definitely applies to you and your child as well.

The steroid medications that you use to fight the excema actually cause more harm than good; because they suppress your bodies immune system and eat away at your skins epidermis. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion is a natural lotion that cleared up my 3 month old nieces severe (total body) excema breakout in two weeks. She is now 2 years old and still excema free.

You have to attack the excema in three areas in order to find your healing: internal, external, and foreign. In other words, build up your immune system, moisturize the skin, and identify your allergens. DRINK WATER AND EAT HEALTHIER (MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES) IN ORDER TO BUILD YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM BACK UP. Your skin is crying for moisture that is why it is important to drink water, lessen your salt intake, and moisturize the skin daily with a natural lotion that is steroid free. The moisture barrier in your skin serves as the protecter against harmful irritants. Because your skin is dehydrated and your moisture barrier is depleted, you are vulnerable to harmful toxins and prone to breakout.

Until you treat the internal along with the external, you will continue to suffer with the symptoms of excema. My mother has suffered with excema all of my 36 years of living and my nieces inherited it from her. I knew about the harmful side effects of steroid medications from that experience and wasn’t about to let my nieces suffer in that same way. My nieces have continued to experience healing from excema because we treated the skin, instead of the symptom (excema). We’ve trained them to be healthy eaters and they understand the importance of drinking water. They moisturize their skin daily with the Burt’s Bees Lotion and are constantly complemented on their beautiful skin. This is why I know that you don’t have bad skin. Your skin is just severely dehydrated and crying for moisture. It is imperative, however, that you build up your immune system due to the additional damage done by the steroid medications. You need to work with the skin to heal the skin. Once you start working with your skin, the excema will go away. I know from experience that healing is not in the distant future; it’s available to you and your child RIGHT NOW!

Read the testimonial left under the posting “Hope for Samantha”” and also take a look at the message that I posted on the fourth of July, where I give an outline of my research and the success that we found and still obtain years later.