Re: naturopathic tonsillectomy alternatives

Tuesday, Mar 01, 2005

Re: naturopathic tonsillectomy alternatives

Posted by Christopher Maloney on 12/02/02 at 09:51 PM

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I don’t know the extent or duration of your symptoms, and I would certainly have someone monitoring you to make sure you maintain a clear airway at all times. The Naturopathic alternatives are numerous, everything from a total body cleanse (support the total immune system so it can kick out the localized chronic infection) to specific herbs, homeopathics and hydrotherapy for the throat. Cleansing the lymphatic system can be done with herbs, diet, hydrotherapy, massage, specific exercises, or a combination of the above. I would need to know more about your particular situation (age, other illnesses, background and extent of this illness, relevant lab results and diagnosis) before I could recommend anything specific. Write me if you wish.

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