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for Excema relief – try this…

Posted by Rob P. on 02/08/03 at 05:26 PM

I tried the Skinzinc product that is being marketed aggressively lately. I called the 1-800 number, listened to their pitch, and liked what I heard. They emphasized that they were selling a TREATMENT, not a CURE. I tried the product – you spray one part on the affected area of the skin, and rub it in lightly. Then you apply the second part – a moisturizing cream. I was delighted to see a dramatic reduction in the the red, itchy patches within days.

However, it’s too expensive.

So I went to a pharmacist and had him make me a cream with 2% zinc pyrithione, the active ingredient in Skinzinc. I apply this crean twice a day to my affected areas, and apply a commercial moisturizing cream (I think I’m using a Vaseline product).

It works fine. In fact the SkinZinc product, which cost over ten times as much, is still in my cupboard. Guess I should use it up – it was expensive. But I find my “home-made”” cream works just as well.