Re: Re: infant excema – natural treatment

Re: Re: infant excema – natural treatment

Posted by Tee on 02/09/05 at 01:31 PM

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As an acute excema sufferer all of my life, with no signs now. I recommend the followinG: humidify your home, use natural lubricants for baby’s skin & hair, mineral oil, lt virgin olive oil, K-Y jelly, instead of lotions, cremes and other oils, wash baby clothes in Purex [bleach & scent free, apply oil to skin, do not rub in and do so while skin is damp, so that it is absorbed naturally. Use corn starch, not baby powder. Always keep baby dry and clean. Keep nails low and use baby mitts if necessary. No kissing on face, soles of feet only. The skin can be taught and infancy is a great place to start. Never, ever use cortisone products on the face, even if prescribed. most older drs will advise never to use on face. Younger drs are ok with the practice, but cortisone, thins the skin as it heals

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Kathy 0 05/12/05 07:15 PM

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