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Re: Treatment for Eczema?

Posted by Netty on 05/29/03 at 06:11 AM

You poor dear. I really feel for you. My 4 yr old is going thru chronic infected excema. We are going down the huge trail of advice. It is a multi faceted approach. All clothes cotton. All washing powder Lux flakes. Eliminate all dairy all colourings flavourings preservatives. All wheat. All meat. This means you if you are breast feeding. I cannot make any recommendations for creams on a baby but we are using orthodox hydrocort and stronger. Phenergen takes the itch out in chronis times (presently all the time for us) It is a liver imbalance and you need to see a reputable naturopath with experience in the treatment of this problem. Natural herbs and special diets will help and in the

long term the problem will go away but it is not an easy road. I am so distressed at the moment as I have to continually smear her in potent creams and give her antibiotics which stuff her system up even more. I sm going thru and washing every thing in lux and she is eating like a sparrow as she is not allowed much variety. We have just sent a blood test off to the states to see what she is allergic to. It cost me $400.00. We have to wait 20 days to find out. She also has a miserable cold and she is infecting her skin majorly with her cold etc. She screams with pain and frustration at sore itch that won’t go away and she is such a tuffy normally she is beside herself. I am beside myself and I know what you are going thru. Believe me Dr’s only treat the problem not the cause so find a really good naturopath and do the alternative thing. We have battle this since I weaned her and it was mild to start and now we have reached the chronic stage with bleeding and misery. Good luck I feel so much for you and your poor wee one. Nettyxx