Re: Uticiaria

Tuesday, Mar 01, 2005

Re: Uticiaria

Posted by Chris Maloney on 07/17/03 at 08:57 PM

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Dear Lynnae Bennett,

Mirvat has the right idea. A few specifics about the gut might help. The cells of our gut replace themselves at a fantastic rate, so that there is a new top layer every three or four days. The gold standard for food allergies is an elimination diet, eliminating the suspected food for four days and then adding it back in to look for signs of reaction. But this can also be a long, painful process. I like eliminating all the big allergens and seeing if it makes things better. (You can see an example of an anti-inflammatory elimination diet on my website, Other things can affect the gut, including bacteria (which can be helped by using probiotics), and environmental allergens (cats, pollen, which are often improved with a hepa type air filter). A licensed allergist would be a good person to talk to, or a local ND (you can look up one at or this site).

Good luck,

Chris Maloney, Naturopathic Doctor

Portland Maine

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