Re: Natural Excema Treatment

Re: Natural Excema Treatment

Posted by Craig on 07/26/05 at 09:38 AM

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My daughter is 6 and she had a bad case of eczema. In fact at times the wounds became open and previously she developed a staff infection that required anti-biotics. We have used all the prescribed creams including steroids which has dicolored her skin. My wife and I are at our wits end..nothing seems to work and I was very concerned about the longer term effects of the steroid creams. Last week she was itching terribly and areas were bleeding. I decided to do some research and try a new approach. The new approach has worked miracles and I hope it helps someone else. In less than one week we saw a great improvement. Her skin was free of all open sores.

We have removed dairy from her diet. We also give her one teaspoon of Baleens Flaxseed oil. We have only been using clear 99.5% Aloe Vera gel as her main lotion. Make sure it’s as pure as you can get without any additives like alcohols or fragrances. We apply it liberally at least 3 times daily. In the morning, when she comes home from camp, and after her shower before bed. We try to have her sleep with cotton pant p.j.’s to keep her from scratching.

Lastly you must stop the itching and to do that we gave her an over the counter anti-histamine Clarinex. We give her one daily.

By doing all 4 things her skin has cleared up in under one week. Her life and happiness has greatly improved. We can not say which one of the 4 is responsible but everything is safe, inexpensive, and is working better than any prescribed medicines in the past. I hope this helps.

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