Re: Re: Mono Symptoms for 1.5 years?

Sunday, Dec 05, 2004

Re: Re: Mono Symptoms for 1.5 years?

Posted by ashley on 11/18/04 at 09:01 PM

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I was diagnosed with mono may of 2003.. I had symptons months before though with my throat and they kept saying I had tonsilitis. It is november now 2004 and I am having the symptoms again, achiness, fever, swollen lympnod, and throat swollen. I went to a ENT about 6 months ago and he also diagnosed me with chronic tonsilitis (meaning I have episodes of tonsilits about once a month) I am looking to get them removed sometime next year. I feel hopeless at times, I’m sick of being sick and I wish there was something to get rid of this. 🙁

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