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Re: welbutrin hair loss

Posted by Craig on 06/27/05 at 07:56 AM

Hell -o My name is Craig and I am taking welbutrin as well, along with dexidrine. I have been thinning on top a bit and my hair line seems to be further back. I think I may have been thinning a bit before, but not really sure.

This scares me quite a lot. I don’t want to lose my hair, I certainly don’t need the help. I too, want to know if this is true, I have looked on the site (welbutrin offical site) and still haven’t found anything on hair loss. so what in christs phonie name am I suppose to think? I have just ran out of wellbutrin and hesitent to even bother.

Actually I might include, recently I just switched to generic brand of welbutrin, as I am currently covered under odsp (just for medication, I do work)

I know my ad is one of many, asking the same, fearing the same. but I sure would love to recieve some feedback.


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