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Posted by Melody on 01/28/04 at 03:16 PM

Hi! I wanted to share my story with you. I want everyone to know there are NATURAL products out there that are bringing HEALTH without side effects to those that take them.

Here’s MY story: Less than a month after my 30th birthday I had an emergency triple by-pass. Yes, I’ve heard all the NO Way’s and thats so rare statements along with all of the looks of shock that generally are the results of someone hearing my story.

I didn’t bounce right back, I felt like I’d expect someone between 80 or 90 to feel. This was UNACCEPTABLE to me. I started looking for something NATURAL. I felt I was becoming more ill from all the perscription meds the Dr’s had me on. I read a PDR and discovered ALL had very bad side effects and I was feeling only a part of them! I was afraid, & that fear turned into focus as I recalled the saying “Seek & you shall find””. I tried so many products I can’t tell you. Some of them worked just not as well as I thought they should or were just so outragously expensive I couldn’t afford them. I found a DR that listens and looks at any all Natural products I bring to his attention. He & I then together decide what the best combo would be for my optimum health. I can now tell you I am healthy at 35. feeling so much better than I ever have and it’s all because of Sea Energy. To learn more check out: